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SaaS Content Marketer in India

Hi! I’m Arnab Ghosh.

I am a Mechanical Engineer turned Content Marketer, helping SaaS businesses grow organically without spending a lot!!

Being in a traveling job in the past, I’ve had the opportunity to explore different parts of the country. And every new place gifted me with a story.

Those stories bring out the creative juice in me and help me create unique content marketing strategies for Brands.

I am a contributing author at HackerNoon(Top tech and startup website in the world) &

Yourstory (India’s biggest publishing house on startup and entrepreneurship).

My Journey

Being a mechanical engineer by education, I started my career as a calibration engineer. But I always had interested in the online marketing field.

So, in 2019, I started my own blog as a side-project with my job. And through that blog, I got an opportunity to write content for a well-known travel blog.

I started to learn about the nitty-gritty of content marketing and started to apply those for my clients.

In 2020 I opened this blog, to share with you all my learnings, and the experiments I do with my content.

I am super active on Twitter and share tips and tricks about content marketing and life.

I also plan to start the newsletter where I will be sharing actionable tips on marketing and stuff.

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    Arnab is a quick learner and a detail-oriented writer. Having known him and following his blogs/writings for quite some time, I can say that he is a skillful professional who knows how to grab attention through words. Also, I have seen that he is committed towards his work.” – Anmol Ratan Sachdeva (Content Marketing Consultant)