7 Savvy Video Marketing Ideas for SaaS Startups You Can’t Miss [Plus a Bonus]

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Let’s be honest, SaaS products are complicated. How many times have you found yourself lost after trying to describe your SaaS product

SaaS companies have always struggled to break down complex concepts into simple layman terms. It’s not always their fault. 

You understand, right? 

If you ask your developer to describe the product, he/she will explain the product in the most technical way, which to normal people, makes absolutely no sense. 

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We could use a comprehensive technical guide to explain the product. But statistics show that 59% of executives say that if both video and a blog are available on a topic, they would choose video. 

Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Not only this, here are some more interesting statistics that will make you think about adding videos into your content marketing strategy:

  • 82% of consumer internet traffic will be in the form of online videos by 2022. 
  • Viewers can remember 95% of a message in a video, compared to 10% reading it in text.
  • 92% of users will share their liked videos with others on mobile. 
  • Every week 78% of people watch online videos, and 55% of people view online videos every day. 

With these staggering statistics, you can easily understand why video is so important and why SaaS companies should incorporate videos into their marketing checklist. 

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing basically means utilizing videos to market your brand, or product, or service.  

Now, the important point here is, you can’t use a single type of video in every place and expect to get a lot of brand awareness. 

Content marketing is all about the right content at the right place at the right time. 

Video marketing is the same. A successful video marketing campaign uses different kinds of videos like How-to videos, explainer videos, demo videos, webinars for different viewers’ intent. 

Videos provide a long-lasting and deep impact on the viewer’s mind. Don’t believe me? Here are some fascinating statistics for you:

  • Videos attract 300% more visitors and help to nurture leads. 
  • A website with video content has 53 times more chance to rank on google’s first page.
  • 80% boost in conversion rate if you have a video on the landing page.
  • Websites with video content see a 157% increase in organic search traffic. 

I guess, by now, you understood why videos are so important for marketing. Now let’s see why video marketing is best for SaaS startups.

What Makes Video Marketing the best for SaaS Startups?

SEO: Video is gold for SEO. It increases the search engine ranking for your website. Statistics show that If a website includes a video, it has 53 times more chance to rank on google’s first page. So you can not afford to lose valuable traffic by not using video into your website. 

Video Increases conversion rate: Studies show that a landing page with a video sees an 80% boost in conversion rate. That is a significant boost. Here is an example of a landing page by Ahrefs, where they used a demo video on the landing page. 

Video Connects with people: Studies show that short videos have a 95% retention rate compared to 10% in texts. Video helps prospects understand the product better.  Unlike blogs or infographics, video connects to the prospects’ emotions. Plus, with videos, possibilities are endless. People can easily access videos from mobile devices from anywhere anytime. 

Video Educates: The one area, video works like a charm, is clearly explaining complex concepts.

Video allows brands to educate viewers about their product or service with exciting visuals, engaging storytelling, and human actors. 

Education videos must touch upon three components: 

  1. The What( What is the product or service?)
  2. The Why( Why is the product! And why should your audience care)
  3. The How (How is the product solve peoples’ problems)

Once your audience feels connected with your brand and understands what your product does, a well-targeted video can be the difference between a paid client and an exciting prospect. 

A couple of days ago I posted a tweet asking what are some of the ideas for SaaS video Marketing.

PitchGround gave a spot on answer to that.


In this article, I’ll tell you some high converting ideas to make the most out of your SaaS marketing strategy for a startup. 

1. Explainer Video

Explaining a product in a clear and conscious way is a difficult task for SaaS startups. 

In this competitive SaaS startup space, if you want eyeballs, you need to provide a concrete context and detailed explanation of your product in your content. 

But with our ever-declining attention span and the complexity of your product, it can be tricky. Here videos can work like magic. 

Videos can explain a complex concept clearly with visual and auditory cues, compared to any other content.  

Also, if your product isn’t ready yet, you can still create a buzz with different kinds of videos. 

Example: StoryChief, a content management and distribution platform. It is a software solution for content creators. It makes content creation, collaboration with the team, and content distribution really easy for the users. 

StoryCheif did an excellent job with their explainer videos with eye-grabbing illustrations and detailed narratives. It helps the viewers easily understand what Storychief does and what problem they solve for the users. 

2. Product Demos

Sometimes the best way to explain your product is to show people what it can do. In fact, 4 out of 5 customers say that product demos help them make decisions about a product.

SaaS products are complicated. And it can be challenging for potential customers to understand how your product can help them solve their problems.

 Here come the videos. 

Videos can help your customers visualize complex problems and how your product can solve them in a simpler way.  

However, your demo videos should be conscious.

Nobody wants to watch a 10 minutes boring explainer video with a lot of buzz words and concepts in it.  Click To Tweet

Instead, your product videos must be short, biteable 1-2 minute videos with many exciting visuals. 

You don’t need to say EVERYTHING about your product on the video. That’s what the website is for. 

You just have to tap into people’s curiosity and make them interested in your product. 

If your product has a lot of functions, you can create multiple videos explaining multiple features.

In this way, viewers will get many related videos, and your website dwell time will increase.

You can also get creative and use these videos on your landing page and align it with the copy to guide your viewer to purchase. 

Example: Slack has one of the best product videos in the SaaS space. With its light-hearted music and friendly voice-over, the video will never let you get bored.

Plus, with keyboard sound and mouse click sound, the demo video easily guides the viewers through the features. Watch it here….

3. Troubleshooting Videos

Our brain can consume videos more quickly than text-based content. And it’s easier to follow a “follow-along” video guide than reading a detailed “how-to” blog. 

Once you get the initial set of customers, you will have many queries regarding the usage of certain functions. 

These are the best opportunity to serve your customers by addressing each of their queries clearly in videos. 

It will increase brand loyalty, and it will also help in search ranking. 

Example: Here Hostinger takes the most commonly asked question from the users, and make comprehensive guides on how to solve the problem. Take a look…

4. BTS Personal Videos

Whatever your service or product is, you must first remember that, 

“Humans buy from humans.” 

There is really no turn around from this.

And stories can be an excellent way to tap on human emotions.


Ever thought about putting yourself in front of a camera?

Well, think about it. 

If you come on camera, tell people what you do, what is going on at the backend, people will connect with you and your brand.

Not just you, bring your team on camera as well. Let the team talk to the audience one on one.  

In short, make your audience feel that real people are working behind the product. 

Example: Here, AppSumo talks about how they find software deals in 2020! These kinds of personal videos go a long way in terms of brand loyalty. Watch….

5. Expert Interviews

Customers, especially in the B2B sector, love educational content that teach them new techniques that help them quickly get their job done. 

If you can create high-quality educational content on the recent industry news, tools, and resources, you can build reliable brand authority in the industry. 

The best way to make educational videos is by interviewing industry experts who already have a lot of credibility in the industry.  

For example, if you sell an EIMS software, you should conduct an interview with a renowned institute’s principal. 

Your audience will not only get high-quality educational content, but It will also give them valuable industry insight. This increases your authority and builds trust with your customers. 

6. Customer Testimonial Videos

What is the first thing you see when you buy something from Amazon? Product reviews!

It’s no different for SaaS products. 

As SaaS products don’t have a physical presence, creating a buyer’s confidence is the most challenging job than anything else. 

Social proof such as testimonials is an excellent way to build up that confidence. 

Buyer’s here aren’t buying vegetables that they can check before buying.

They are buying software products, where confidence is a key factor between a paying customer and a non-paying interested person. 

Customer testimonials tied with demo videos are the most powerful way to create confidence among potential buyers.” 

Internet is a place of fake information. 

Many businesses use fake reviews to boost their sales. But the interesting thing is, users have also evolved. Users can now distinguish between a fake review and a genuine one. 

Customer Testimonial videos move these fake reviews out of the picture. 

User recorded videos are almost impossible to fake. Just ask a happy customer to share their experience with the product. More often than not, they will happily agree to share their experience. 

You can use these videos as a testimonial on your website or social media.

It will also act as user-generated content that has more value than regular content shared by the company. 

Pro Tip: When working with an ed-tech startup, we offered a 3 months premium subscription for free to those who sent us a testimonial video. You can do it too. 🙂

Example: Customer testimonial video done right by Hubspot. Watch here…

7. Social videos

Studies have shown that social media video content gets 48% more views and generates 1200% more shares than usual text-based and image-based posts. Right now, in the B2B space, most customers buy a product after researching it on social media. That is why you can not ignore social media. 

LinkedIn is the gold mine right now. LinkedIn is THE PLACE for SaaS companies. 

With the kind of reach Linkedin Videos have, they can help your content reach a wider audience, educate prospects, and in turn, get more leads.

Whichever platform you choose to post videos, make sure to create videos that initiate conversations. This way, your content will get more traction, and you will get more eyeballs. 

Social media videos are also an excellent way to convey a large amount of information about your company and product in a fun and engaging way. 

Pro Tip: Don’t use external links on any of the platforms. Use native videos, and use proper hashtags to get the most amount of visibility. Remember that most users will watch the video on mobile, so make sure to optimize the mobile video.  

Example: I personally loved a social video campaign by ClassPlus on the Teachers’ day.

It is emotional, and it hit the right chord. Watch it yourself.

Wrapping Up

Videos are one of the best ways to increase website SEO, increase engagement, conversion, and brand awareness. Not to mention, videos can increase brand loyalty.

So, you can’t forget to add video marketing from your SaaS content marketing strategy. 

Ready to Use Video Marketing to Grow Your Business? Here is a checklist for you to start.

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